V-Rally 4 Gets A Spectacular New Trailer

V-Rally 4 Gets A Spectacular New Trailer

Bigben and Kylotonn Racing Games have released a brand new trailer showcasing V-Rally 4’s two of five disciplines – V-Rally Cross and Buggy.

V-Rally Cross races are intense battles with seven other racers on tracks with a mix of dirt and asphalt, while buggies offer a different driving experience on particularly hazardous and spectacular courses that are lighter and more agile.

Learn more about the other disciplines and check out the trailer below.

Other disciplines are also available in V-Rally 4:

  • Rally: From Africa to Japan, travel the world across difficult tracks in extreme conditions.
  • Extreme-Khana: You will have to be precise and master drifting to be the best on these obstacle courses.
  • Hillclimb: Race to the top behind the wheel of powerful cars.

V-Rally 4 also offers a Career mode and online game modes whose details will be announced soon, as well as split-screen multiplayer.

Let adrenaline boost your reflexes, dominate the road and weather conditions, and take on the most dangerous tracks in V-Rally 4‘s spectacular settings.

V-Rally 4 launches on Nintendo Switch after the game’s September 2018 launch for other platforms.