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VA-11 Hall-A Planned For Nintendo Switch Release

VA-11 Hall-A Planned For Nintendo Switch Release

With the recent announement of GameMaker Studio 2 export support for the Nintendo Switch, VA-11 Hall-A is currently planned for the Nintendo Switch. The port is still in its planning stages and needs a while more before the official announcement to be made.

-port will likely be handled by Sukeban Games’ PC Publisher.
– previous reports of NoA turning VA-11 Hall-A away due to ‘Mature Content’ are false.
– currently targeting a Christmas release.
– would be a 1:1 Port, no pixel/interlacing issues.
– lots of demand for the game on Switch since the Direct
– current release plan is eShop internationally, and a complete physical edition in Japan for importers (English/Japanese)
– very positive about the sales outlook for VA-11 Hall-A on Switch
– Kiririn51 has to thank Toby (Undertale dev) for putting pressure on Nintendo to sign an agreement with GM
– NoA had already approached Sukeban Games to put VA-11 Hall-A on Switch
– one possible name for the port is ‘Mandatory Karmotrine’ based off the Psycho-Pass game titled ‘Mandatory Happiness’ and the sometimes optional alcoholic ingredient used in VA-11 Hall-A
– port is still in planning stages
– final paperwork still needs be completed before the port can be officially announced/confirmed