Vaporum Took 7 Months To Port To Switch, How The Sequel Would Be Like

Vaporum Took 7 Months To Port To Switch, How The Sequel Would Be Like

Our friends at Nintenderos recently interviewed Fatbot Games, the developers of dungeon crawler Vaporum which is heading to Nintendo Switch next month.

One of the questions asked was the difficulty of porting Vaporum to Nintendo Switch. Fatbot Games revealed it took 7 months to port the game to Switch. At first, the company contracted another studio to port the game to Switch, but eventually they took over the brunt of the work in order to ensure the Switch version meets the standards of the PC version.

This was worth the effort as they learned a lot of things during the optimization process. Eventually, these optimizations would be carried over to the original PC version.

Another question asked was what Fatbot Games’ next title would be. The studio revealed their next game would be a standalone expansion of Vaporum, taking place in the same tower with a new storyline, new protagonist, and completely new levels. The developers also hinted they were interested in adding cut ideas such as “original puzzles, intriguing mechanics, interesting enemies, story twists, pieces of lore, rule-bending situations and great surprises” to the new game.

If you’re interested to learn more, read the full interview in English here (right at the bottom of the page).

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