Video: Cannibal Cuisine Release Trailer

Video: Cannibal Cuisine Release Trailer

Rocket Vulture has shared the official release trailer for Cannibal Cuisine, which is out on Nintendo Switch today.

Watch below:


Get ready for some ‘fine’ DIEning!

The chaotic multiplayer cook ‘em up Cannibal Cuisine is out now on the Nintendo Switch and Steam!

Today’s chef’s menu:
For starters, check out the tasty release trailer:

With the spicy theme and a dark sense of humor, we hope to offer a brand-new and bloody take on the cooking genre! Cannibal Cuisine further separates itself from the traditional couch co-op cooking games with Voodoo powers, unique challenges and a more interactive ‘versus’ game mode. The game is playable locally and online for up to 4 players.