Video: Melty Blood Type Lumina “Miyako Arima” Trailer

Video: Melty Blood Type Lumina “Miyako Arima” Trailer

Type-Moon Games has uploaded a new character trailer for their Melty Blood Type Lumina, the upcoming new entry in the Melty Blood fighting game/visual novel series.

This time, the trailer focuses on Miyako Arima, Shiki Tohno‘s relative from the Arima branch family. The trailer has her facing off against Shiki, showing off her moves and abilities.

Check it out below, along with additional details via the game’s official website:

The eldest daughter of the Arima branch family, which took Shiki in as a child. Currently in the fifth grade, she sees herself as Shiki’s other sister. Her feelings are easy to see as she always wears her heart on her sleeve. She unabashedly adores her kind, quiet older “brother,” but whenever he is near, she becomes so nervous she can barely speak. This continued for many years until Shiki was suddenly called back to the Tohno family, and Miyako did not take the news well. She learned bajiquan by observing others in her family’s dojo, though it now sits unused. Although she was nowhere near the skill of a true martial artist, her abilities quickly flourish in the ensuing battles. Her destructive powers make it hard to believe she is only 11 years old.

Melty Blood: Type Lumina launches September 30th for Switch.

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