Video: What If Game Freak Animated Pikachu In Smash Bros.?

Video: What If Game Freak Animated Pikachu In Smash Bros.?

As you all know, many in the Pokemon community have been poking fun at Game Freak’s “high quality animations” excuse for trimming the number of Pokemon that will appear in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Super Smash Bros. modder Doctor Flux has joined in the fun by changing the way Pikachu is animated in Super Smash Bros. Brawl to how he thinks Game Freak would have animated Pikachu in the game if they were asked by Sakurai to do so.

Watch below:

As we can all tell from the video, if Game Freak were to animate Pikachu in the game, Pikachu wouldn’t be running, jumping, or walking at all in Super Smash Bros., similar to the way Game Freak animates Pokemon in the mainline games.

Here are some reactions to the video:

“No no, this is all wrong. He wouldn’t even be moving from his initial position.”

“So many triggered people in the comments. This funny as hell and y’all know it”

“this is inaccurate, if it was made by gamefreak, pikachu wouldn’t move, it’d just be a bunch of particles and effect suddenly appearing next to mario to indicate the attacks”

“haha so funny and original……”

“People would actually defend this too”

“‘They’re just making it accurate to the games'”

“‘Pokemon was EXACTLY like this on old, archaic consoles so it’s okay for it to be unchanged on powerful, capable consoles!'”

“‘They already have like 80 characters to animate, they had no time.’ ”

“Let’s go was their first Switch game they were busy implementing moving your controller up and down!”

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