Videos: Shin Megami Tensei V “Daily Demon” Volumes 180 – 181

Videos: Shin Megami Tensei V “Daily Demon” Volumes 180 – 181

Atlus has published new episodes of their “Daily Demon” series introducing demons featured in Shin Megami Tensei V.

The episodes this time focus on the Femme Yaksini and the Tyrant Amon, showing off their designs in the game and some of their moves. You can watch both videos below, along with an English translation posted by Zeruel4891 in the comments:

Femme Yaksini:

An ogress of Indian myth. She was originally a harvest goddess believed by the Dravidians, but came to be interpreted as an evil demon with the spread of the ideologically opposing Hinduism.

Tyrant Amon:

One of the 72 demons of the Lesser Key of Solomon. He is the 7th and a Marquis. It is said he grants his summoner knowledge on the past and future, and he has a chivalrous side, rushing in with a volunteer army at his side when Satan rose in revolt against God.

Shin Megami Tensei V launches November 11th 2021 for Switch in Japan and November 12th 2021 worldwide.

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