Walmart Breaks Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battles’ Street Date

Walmart Breaks Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battles’ Street Date

A Walmart location has been caught selling Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle early.

The game, which is supposed to be released next Tuesday, was sold to a customer after they pointed it out in a glass box at a Walmart store. It had no price tag.

The customer who snagged up an early copy also had this to say about the game.

Also as things are right now I’m enjoying the game. Something about it feels kinda sloppy and unpolished in some aspects in the beginning but I feel like it gets better after the whole first tutorial part. And the gameplay both in battle and exploring seems engaging and fun so far.

also I found a hilarious glitch where if you put the system in sleep mode for a while and jump back in, the game spawns a ton of pollen all over the place for a few seconds before it all disappears. I’m guessing it’s because in the first area pollen and stuff is always spawning in and out for a cool visual effect but for some reason when the system is sleeping the game continues spawning in pollen at the usual rate without taking it out. It doesn’t seem to break the game since it only lasts a few seconds and the frame rate doesn’t suffer too hard, but I have a theory I’d rather not test that if the system was left sleeping for over a day enough pollen would spawn in to crash the game, which wouldn’t be quite a nice welcome back and might even damage the Switch, so Ubisoft might wanna fix that if they haven’t already put a fix in a day 1 patch.