Warm Outwear Wins Very Close Victory In Latest Japanese Splatfest

Warm Outwear Wins Very Close Victory In Latest Japanese Splatfest

Japan’s Splatoon 2 Splatfest has come to an end again and the Uniqlo sponsored Splatfest saw some amazingly close results.

Just to recap, in the Splatfest, Uniqlo asked if players prefer to wear Warm Innerwear or Warm Outerwear to keep themselves warm this holiday season. Here are the results:

In the general voting category, Warm Outerwear won the vote by a strong 57% strength compared to 43% strength for Inner Innerwear. Already from this, Warm Outerwear camp starts off with a larger army of squids.

However, the Warm Innerwear camp still put up a valiant fight. Despite their lower strength count, they still manage to trump in the Solo Category with a marginal victory of 51% to 49%.

Warm Innerwear also nearly won in the Team Category and only marginally lost at 49% compared to Warm Outerwear’s 51%.

Looks like people really like to rock their Warm Outerwears, with it winning 2 out of the 3 categories. Still, those who have sided with Warm Innerwear, worry not, you have shown yourselves to be skilled splatters and strong to your cause.

General Voting Category: 43% Innerwear – 57% Outerwear
Solo Category : 51% Innerwear – 49% Outerwear
Team Category: 49% Innerwear – 51% Outerwear
Overall Victor: Warm Outerwear