West Of Loathing Producer Thrilled With Switch Sales

West Of Loathing Producer Thrilled With Switch Sales

Stick-figure game West of Loathing has been out on the Switch for quite a bit and the developers are thrilled with the sales of the game.

Speaking with Destructoid, West of Loathing Producer, Kevin Simmons, said that although the game only sold about a third in the same period of time as their PC version, they are still thrilled with the sales.

“In the first three weeks we’ve sold about a third as many copies on Switch as we did in the first three weeks on Steam (our launch platform), which means we’re thrilled! Those are great numbers for a goofy stick-figure cowboy comedy game.

Simmons also described the ease in porting the game over to the Switch, which was easily done using Unity.

Because we developed the game in Unity, we haven’t really had any significant technical issues making builds for any specific platform. The easiest platform was Steam (Windows/Mac/Linux), but that’s really only by virtue of it being the first one we did. If we’d built West of Loathing for Switch first, that would have been just as easy, and we’d have had to tweak the UI to better support mouse and keyboard instead of the other way around. Our greatest challenge so far has been trying to get a satisfying experience of the game on a phone-sized screen for our iOS port. Making the text pleasantly legible (there’s so much text!) and tweaking the UI for a tiny screen are ongoing projects.”