What The Golf?, HYPERCHARGE, Kine, And Cyber Hook Announced For Switch

What The Golf?, HYPERCHARGE, Kine, And Cyber Hook Announced For Switch

Four more indie titles have been announced for Nintendo Switch today.

What The Golf? will arrive in Winter 2019, HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed in Winter 2019, Cyber Hook in Q3 2019, and Kine in Fall 2019.

Trailers and details below:

A silly physics-based anti-golf game where you can play anything. Each golf course is a surprising new type of golf, some bright or fun, others so absurd that they will make you wonder: What is golf?

Golf is always the same: perfectly round balls, 18 holes, blue sky, well cut grass and elegant people with beautiful clothes. You hate it? – Well, don’t hate him anymore! This is a silly golf reinvention that doesn’t care too much about rules, pars, points or anything like that. You can hit things and they fly away in a very funny way.

Fight for your little plastic lives! Embark on an epic mission with up to 3 of your friends. Your task, soldier, is to prevent the HYPER-CORE from being destroyed. If it is destroyed, you can say goodbye to your human friends. They will forget us, all of us! Every toy, comic, cartoon. It will be as if we never existed! Don’t let that happen, soldier, we depend on you. Recruit a special team of 3 friends. Work together and keep that HYPER-CORE running! Work together and win for the future of toys everywhere!

Kine is a 3D puzzle game about three capricious machines that aspire to be musicians. Embark on a theatrically represented urban landscape solving increasingly difficult 3D puzzles. Guide Euler, Quat and Roo as they fight to form a band and find their great opportunity!

Cyber ​​Hook is a fast-paced 3D platform game that makes you use parkour skills and a grab to climb and mount walls, while fighting enemies and destroying blocks with a laser finger gun. Advances in a magnificent recoil environment that you can manipulate by time warp and physical abuse to break the level design.