Why Is Reggie Called Reggie Kong In Japan?

Why Is Reggie Called Reggie Kong In Japan?

This week, Reggie Fils-Aime announced he’s stepping down from his position as Nintendo of America President to retire and enjoy life.

His announcement did not go unnoticed in Japan. Thus we shared with you the reactions of the Japanese to his retirement.

Now some of you are probably wondering – why is Reggie called Reggie Kong in Japan? Are the Japanese racist for calling Reggie Donkey Kong?

The answer, fortunately, is no. The reason why Reggie is called Reggie Kong in Japan is because of his tie. In the early days, the Japanese thought Reggie looked like Donkey Kong whenever he wore a tie, so they called him Reggie Kong. If he didn’t wear a tie, they just called him Reggie.

But soon enough, the Reggie Kong name caught on and stuck, whether he wore a tie or not. Some Japanese even went further to call him a gorilla.

So in conclusion, they do not call him Reggie Kong because of his race, but it’s all because he looks like the human version of Donkey Kong with a tie.

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