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hy1, 0ye, Wolfenstein Youngblood Won't Be Censored In Germany | NintendoSoup
Wolfenstein Youngblood Won’t Be Censored In Germany

Wolfenstein Youngblood Won’t Be Censored In Germany

Great news for Wolfenstein fans in Germany – Wolfenstein Youngblood is the first Wolfenstein game that will not be censored in Germany.

Previous Wolfenstein titles such as Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein II had to be censored in order to be released in Germany. The censored German versions of both games lacked the Nazi logo and Hitler didn’t have his trademark mustache.

Although the German version Wolfenstein Youngblood will not be censored, German players can choose to play either the international version or the censored version of the game, as Bethesda had already prepared the censored version in advance.

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