World End Syndrome Launches On Switch In April

World End Syndrome Launches On Switch In April

World End Syndrome, a “love x mystery” adventure game, has been announced for Nintendo Switch in Japan.

The game is developed by Toybox and will be published by Arc System Works. It’s scheduled to launch on April 26, 2018. No localization plans have been announced yet.

Here’s some details on the new characters and plot of World End Syndrome:

  • Rei Nikaidou (voiced by Ibuki Kudo): main member of an idol group known as “Zettai Zetsumei Panda” (which could be translated as Perfectly Dead Panda). She came to Mikamachi during her summer vacations, in order to take part in the filming a movie. That movie is based on a mystery novel written by Kaori Yamashiro, which is itself inspired by legends from Mikamachi;
  • Yukino Otonashi (voiced by Shizuka Itou): she works for a publisher, and decided to visit Mikamachi in order to conduct interviews about this mysterious town. She’s particularly interested in the mysterious incidents occuring around town;
  • Ryouko Ryuuzaki (voiced by Hiromi Ra): a detective, and a real workaholic. She’s quite the beautiful lady, but you would be hard pressed to see her smile. She has no trust in other people, and sarcasm is like a second nature for her;
  • Mibu Kamishiro (voiced by Yuusuke Shirai): a member of a distinguished family, who is poised to inherit the family business (he’s been working in management since a pretty young age). Since he’s a handhedsome rich man, there’s been many rumours of relationships with women circulating about him;
  • Yamato Amana (voiced by Chiharu Sawashiro): the owner of Pastiche, a café. He pretends to be a self-defense buff, but nobody’s ever seen him make use of his supposed skills.

Now, about the story: as is often the case with such a games, there’s several endings for you to get (one per heroine). As you reach endings, you clear the various routes, and get to experience the whole story.

About the many mysterious mentioned above, there’s one called “The Legend of the Yomibito”. According to a legend passed down from generation to generation, the dead come back to life once every century, become those so called “Yomibito”, and bring calamity to the living.

There’s also strange disappearances of high school girls in town. One day, the bag of a missing research member is found by the river.