World To The West Receives A Huge Performance Update On Switch

World To The West Receives A Huge Performance Update On Switch

Rain Games has released a major update for World to the West on Nintendo Switch.

The update brings a slew of performance updates, visual improvements, bug fixes, and Portuguese support. Full patch notes can be found below.

Performance improvements

  • Optimized geometry for better culling and batching in most levels
  • Optimized many visual effects
  • Replaced many visual effects and animations with more performant versions.
  • Fixed occasional stutters when saving the game
  • Greatly improved performance of Knaus’ ice flakes
  • Improved performance for objects that occasionally animate, like chests, doors etc.
  • Improved performance during the last boss.
  • Improved compression for many assets.
  • Improved the performance of the UI.

Visual improvements

  • Adjusted water edges in all levels with water to match the shore better.
  • Improved lighting in several levels that were too dark.
  • Made fish less likely to escape the water.
  • Improved look of fog in many levels.
  • Added burn marks to several explosions.
  • Improved look of foot dust effect.

Bugfixes and improvements

  • Repaired holes in the level geometry in quite a few levels.
  • Improved AI navigation in most levels.
  • Minor fixes to the Japanese translation.
  • Fixed bug where the music sound would get permanently lowered until the game was restarted when entering and exiting the menu many times.
  • Moved several NPCs which could get the player stuck behind them.
  • Fixed an issue where Clonington could get stuck after a pugilism match.
  • Fixed ridden monsters moving too slowly after being ridden into a scene.
  • Fixed some instances of creatures that were falling to their doom teleporting back to safety.
  • Fixed some NPCs not playing their walking animation when walking around, and some other animation issues.
  • Fixed Lumina being able to blink through a few level transitions without triggering them, causing the player to fall off the edge of the map.
  • Fixed bug where Clonington would get locked into his ground stomp attack
  • Fixed bug where Clonington would get locked into his haymaker attack
  • Fixed some shader bugs causing graphical artifacts.
  • Fixed a few mismatched level transitions, which could cause players to end up outside the playable area if entering certain levels.
  • Fixed issue where you would fall through some stairs.
  • Fixed several levels having the area under it’s death plane marked as walkable, causing the player to occasionally get stuck there.
  • Fixed issues where you had to leave the area to be able to pay Bear and Cat to change their song again.
  • Fixed issue where the Flailmunk’s homerun effect would get triggered at the wrong time.
  • Fixed Flailmunks getting eaten mid-attack by Grues.
  • Fixed SnortHogs getting stuck in an invalid state if you stopped mind-controlling them mid-charge.
  • Improvements and fixes for sound and visuals in the end credits.
  • Fixed issue where Steam saving would lock up.


  • Flailmunks are now afraid of Clonington when he flexes.
  • Added drop shadow to all controlled characters, and greatly improved the performance on the characters that already had drop shadows.
  • Added a character bark when switching between characters in the totem map menu.
  • Knaus now moves much faster while underground, and digs holes faster.
  • Portuguese language added.