World’s Largest Memory Card Launches In February

World’s Largest Memory Card Launches In February

Integral Memory, a manufacturer of memory cards, has announced a brand new 512GB size microSDXC card that is scheduled to launch in February 2018.

The 512GB memory card will become the largest memory card in the world after its launch in February, overtaking SanDisk’s 400GB memory card which released last year. Integral’s 512GB memory card has a Class 10 speed and a maximum transfer speed of 90MB/s. It is compatible with UHS-I standard.

No price point has been announced yet, but it’s expected to be higher than 27,000 yen (USD243) as a 400GB memory card costs around 27,000 yen. Integral’s 512GB memory card should come in handy for Nintendo Switch gamers who typically download their games from the eShop.

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