Writable Nintendo Switch Game Cards Appear On eBay

Writable Nintendo Switch Game Cards Appear On eBay

An eBay seller has put up a very interesting listing on the marketplace platform this week.

The seller listed three “NFR Install Tool” Game Cards for the price of USD999.99. The seller claimed that after he peeled off the white labels shown below, it revealed something called the “Contents Install Tool”, which seems to be a writable Nintendo Switch Game Card. Ordinary Game Cards could only be read, and no data could be written to them.

Inserting the writable Game Card into the Nintendo Switch generates an error message:

Although we have no clue what these Game Cards do other than the ability to write data to them, it seems to be used for development or debug purposes. The seller did not reveal how they got their hands on the Game Cards, which should have been protected under lock and key.

If you are interested you can view the listing here.

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