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Censored Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Costume | NintendoSoup
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 & Torna Updates Add Mythra’s Censored Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Costume

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 & Torna Updates Add Mythra’s Censored Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Costume

Previously, we reported that Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicle 2 will be censored in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Namely, her spirit in the game was revealed with a more modest appearance.

Apparently, players can now dress Mythra up similarly in her own game! Recent patches to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Version 2.0.2) and the Torna expansion (Version 1.0.2) have added the same costume as an optional equipment item.

Even Nintendo’s official Xenoblade Chronicles Twitter channel seemed to be excited about the surprise addition.

For the past week, Xenoblade fans have been hilariously divided on the topic of Mythra’s new look. Some have claimed that it makes her even more attractive, while many others are complaining that the tights ruin Mythra’s ‘holy’ theme. With Xenoblade Chronicles 2 establishing this costume as somewhat canon, hopefully the fandom will settle down.

UPDATE: If you want to find out how to obtain this costume, we have a quick guide over here.