XSEED Shows Off Pictures From Upcoming Story Of Season: Trio Of Towns DLC

XSEED Shows Off Pictures From Upcoming Story Of Season: Trio Of Towns DLC

Fans of Story of Seasons would know that XSEED would be releasing a free update, as well as, paid DLC and 3DS themes for Story of Season: Trio of Towns.

In the official XSEED tumblr page, XSEED walked through some of the new features that will be coming to their free version 1.1 update. On top of bugs and stability fixes, the update will also include new outfits from the Rune Factory series such as the Lest and Frey’s outfits. New outfits such as the Perfect Dress and Poodle outfits will also be included in the update.

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After updating the game, players can then purchase the “New Neighbors Pack” DLC, which will include the following

  • Marriage candidates Woofio and Stephanie
  • The ability to have a child with Inari
  • Events such as cultural exchanges among the three towns and a visit from your father
  • Events immediately following the New Year’s Festival and Starlight Gala
  • About 50 new lines of dialogue per marriage candidate, including clothing/pet reactions
  • 5 special winter outfits
  • A performer story
Here’s a scene from an event in the DLC

XSEED will also be releasing a Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns 3DS home theme for purchase alongside the DLC and update

All in all, going for $7.99, the DLC seems like quite a good package. The home theme will also be sold at $1.99. All of the Updates, DLC, Home Theme will be available on 9 November 2017.