Yoshi Rewards Now Available On My Nintendo Japan

Yoshi Rewards Now Available On My Nintendo Japan

The My Nintendo rewards program has been updated with a new lineup of Yoshi rewards in Japan, all redeemable by Platinum Points.

First and foremost is the Yoshi Stand Memo, a memo pad that’s able to stand on your desk. This reward is redeemable for 400 Platinum Points on My Nintendo.

Next up is the Yoshi Egg Ball Pen set, a collection of two different types of ball pens. This reward costs 300 Platinum Points.

Lastly we have the Yoshi Canvas Pouch, which costs 300 Platinum Points to redeem. If you redeem all three Yoshi rewards, you can use them together this way:

Please keep in mind that users will have to pay a shipping fee of 500 yen (exclusive 8% sales tax) in order for My Nintendo Store to deliver the rewards to their address. The shipping fee is waived if you make an order that’s worth over 5000 yen. All Yoshi rewards will start shipping in late March 2019.

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