You Won’t Believe How Much This Pikachu Room Costs

You Won’t Believe How Much This Pikachu Room Costs

Avid Pokemon collector Hinopika showed off their Pikachu room on a recent issue of CanCam in Japan.

The collector primarily focuses on collecting Pikachu plushies and figurines from Pokemon Center Japan. No size or price stops them – they collect tiny, small, big, and really big plushies.

Besides plushies, there are some very rare items from Pikachu themed consoles to a golden Pikachu trophy. Just take a look at the shelf!

But how much did it cost? Hinopika estimates that everything in the room comes up to over 8,000,000 yen, or USD71,000. Of course, the money was spent over a period of many years, so it’s not too bad if you think of it.

If you wanna learn more, you can purchase the CanCam July 2018 issue from Amazon Japan. You too can start building your Pokemon collection by importing from Amazon Japan.

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