Youtube Bans Dozens Of Popular Pokemon GO Youtube Channels

Youtube Bans Dozens Of Popular Pokemon GO Youtube Channels

Today, some of the biggest and most popular Pokemon GO channels have been suspended on Youtube.

The channels affected include MYSTIC7 and Trainer Tips. These are massively popular Youtube channels among Pokemon GO fans that have millions of subscribers. The people behind these channels were shocked to find that their channels have been suspended for “sexual content”, even though they have never uploaded anything sexual on their channels.

Thankfully we have found out what caused these channels to be flagged and suspended. According to KEEM, this is most likely the work of Youtube’s robots, which take down videos and channels the moment they detect offending keywords. One keyword that appears on many Pokemon GO Youtube videos is “CP”, which stands for Combat Points.

The robots could have assumed “CP” stood for child pornography, hence the videos and channels were wrongly taken down in the process.

Hopefully the Youtube channels will be reinstated soon, and Youtube will look at what went wrong with their robots.

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