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qxo, c, rxs, 1, 0cm, f1d, Youtube Hitting Nintendo Switch On November 8 | NintendoSoup
Youtube Hitting Nintendo Switch On November 8

Youtube Hitting Nintendo Switch On November 8

It appears that Youtube, the world’s largest video streaming website, is officially releasing on Nintendo Switch soon.

Multiple users have reported seeing Youtube appear under the game recommendations section on the official Nintendo of America website. Youtube is listed for a November 8 release on Nintendo Switch and is expected to be a free download on the Nintendo eShop.

Given that Yoshi’s Crafted World’s official title was leaked through a similar way as Youtube for Switch, we can confidently say that this is official, so it’s not a rumor. Industry insider Emily Rogers has also pointed out that the release date is accurate.

How do you feel about this? Let us know in the comments below.