Nintendo Controlled 72.7% Of Japan’s Video Game Market In 2017

Nintendo Controlled 72.7% Of Japan’s Video Game Market In 2017

Japanese sales tracker Dengeki Online has released their own data on how the Japanese video game market performed in 2017.

According to the sales tracker’s software charts, 25,267,790 video games across all console platforms were sold in Japan. Out of 25 million, Nintendo contributed the highest number of video games (both first party and third party) at a staggering 64.7%. Nintendo 3DS controlled 36.1% of the software market, followed by Nintendo Switch at 28.5%, and Wii U at 1.1%.

Sony took home 34.2% (PS4 at 28.8%, PS3 at 0.6%, and PS Vita at 4.8%), while Microsoft’s Xbox One had a measly 0.1% share of the entire market .

Coming to the hardware charts, Nintendo wiped the entire slate clean. Out of 5,820,031 video game hardware moved in Japan, 72.7% were Nintendo consoles. Nintendo Switch led the hardware charts at an impressive 50.4%, followed by the 2DS family at 12.2%, 3DS family at 10%, and finally Wii U at 0.1%.

Sony was completely cornered by Nintendo on the hardware charts – it only had an overall 27.3% market share (PS4 at 23.7%, PS3 at 0.1%, and PS Vita at 3.5%). Microsoft’s Xbox One continues to flail helplessly with a pitiful 0.1% share of the market.

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