30XX Will Feature A “Mega Mode” With No Permadeath

30XX Will Feature A “Mega Mode” With No Permadeath

Not keen on suffering the pain of permadeath in the upcoming 30XX for Switch? Well, here’s some awesome news for you!

The game’s developers have officially revealed ‘Mega Mode’, which will let players maintain their progress and upgrades despite dying. Stages will also remain the same despite being procedurally generated at first – meaning that players can familiarize and get better at them over multiple attempts!

Check out the Mega Mode announcement below!

30XX, the follow-up to Batterystaple Games’ best-selling action platformer 20XX, will introduce a new permadeath-free game type called Mega Mode alongside the returning roguelike Arcade Mode when it launches for PC and consoles 2021.

Mega Mode generates a series of levels for Ace and Nina to tackle without worrying about losing progress.

Should they fall in battle, 30XX’s heroes can try other stages or revisit them with newfound knowledge and boss powers to overcome obstacles, which remain consistent during each Mega Mode playthrough.

Mega Mode harnesses procedural generation to construct levels with an assortment of layouts, themes, difficulty tiers, and more. This allows Ace and Nina to return to the journey for a new experience each time.

Check out 30XX’s Steam Demo during PAX Online to sample the Clock Zone and Echo Cave stages, as well as new abilities like Nina’s Aiming Gear and Ace’s Dolomite Link.

To learn more about 30XX, visit Steam and Batterystaple Games’ website, and join the community on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and the 20XX series’ Discord server.

30XX is currently slated for release in 2021.