60cm Full Round Kirby Plush Hitting Japan

60cm Full Round Kirby Plush Hitting Japan

Premium Bandai has revealed a gigantic 60cm full size round Kirby plush, and there’s a story behind it! Here’s how it goes:

“Dream Land’s popular Pupupu Manjuu (steamed yeast bun) is Kirby’s favorite Manjuu. One day, to deliver these delicious Manjuu to his lovely friends, Kirby decided to head out. However, on his way to bringing lots of Manjuu, Kirby couldn’t take it anymore…”

….because he ate it all.

The end result is a gigantic yet adorable round Kirby who couldn’t seem to stand upright…

Perfect for all kinds of photo ops, hugging, rolling, and more!

As expected, the full round Kirby plush comes with not one but 6 Manjuu! And yes, those delicious Manjuu Kirby has brought are edible!

The 60cm full round Kirby plush weighs 5.5kg (yikes) and costs 15,400 yen (USD141). You can now order the plush from Premium Bandai (ships within Japan only). Pre-orders are expected to ship in June 2018.