A Hat In Time Developer Explains The Game’s Cynical Brand Of Humor

A Hat In Time Developer Explains The Game’s Cynical Brand Of Humor

Wondering how A Hat in Time got its quirky sense of comedy?

Recently, Destructoid sat down with Gears for Breakfast’s founder Jonas Kaerlev to talk more about the game. Namely, Kaerlev elaborated on how his team approached  the game’s wacky story – and why that allowed them to take strange and humorous directions with the adventure title!

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So I think a big contributor is the fact that we are keenly aware of who we are and who plays our game. Like, we know we are not Mario and we know that the people who are playing are going to be exactly like us. That allows us to have creative liberties. We know our audience is not going to be made of kids, so we can go in kinda weird directions like how the latest DLC is all about the yakuza, which is…not something that something kid-friendly would ever dare to go into. So we like the way we step on unconventional subjects and the same thing goes for our writing.

A lot of us at the studio are young adults, so we grew up on stuff like The Onion and et cetera. We’re super jaded and cynical and that is really what allows us to write what’s on our mind, what we find funny, not what we think our target groups find funny. Like when Hat Kid loses her soul it’s like “You feel really empty inside.”

A Hat In Time will be hitting Nintendo Switch some time in 2019.