A Hat In Time Updated On Nintendo Switch

A Hat In Time Updated On Nintendo Switch

Gears for Breakfast has put out a new update for A Hat in Time on January 22, 2020.

The update is optional for Nintendo Switch. Patch notes could be found below:

  • Performance and stability improvements

  • Added a new visual for when multiple screen-altering badges are equipped (thank you to Ova for allowing us to take inspiration in their video)

  • Fixed a ladder that Hat Kid didn’t feel like climbing in The Windmill (Alpine Skyline)

  • Fixed some metro trains suddenly and unexpectedly appearing in Nyakuza Metro

  • Online Party: The Express Band music is now synced in Online Party

  • Modding: Fixed a crash when opening the config menu for a mod multiple times

  • Nintendo Switch: Fixed being able to select no user account, preventing the game from saving.

  • Nintendo Switch: Fixed a crash when using Peaceful Badge in Nyakuza Metro

  • Nintendo Switch: Added motion blur setting

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