A Pokemon Fan Came Up With The Idea Of Polteageist 5 Years Ago

A Pokemon Fan Came Up With The Idea Of Polteageist 5 Years Ago

Earlier this week, The Pokemon Company introduced us to Polteageist: A Haunted Teapot Pokemon that will be making its debut in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

As it turns out, the developers weren’t the first person to come up with the concept…or even the name! Five years ago on 4chan’s Pokemon board, and anonymous user had the exact same idea for a haunted teapot fakemon with the exact same name.

As shared by stelledair on Twitter below the anonymous user pitched the concept as a 2-stage evolution line: A haunted teacup called Entitea that evolved into the haunted teapot Polteageist.

While its likely that this person was just a lucky fan who coincidentally came up with the same idea, many 4chan users have joked that perhaps this anonymous user was Gamefreak graphic designer James Turner, who waited five years to finally realize this idea as the Art Director for Pokemon Sword And Shield.

Turner was already a member of Gamefreak’s staff in 2014, and had already designed several Pokemon for the Gen V and Gen VI Pokemon titles. Could he have been the one behind this particular post? Maybe, but we’ll likely never know for sure.

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