Academics Publish The First Ever Psychological Test For Gaming Disorder

Academics Publish The First Ever Psychological Test For Gaming Disorder

Just a week after it was officially classified as an illness by the WHO, we now have our first ever psychological test for Gaming Disorder.

The new test is aptly named “Do I play too much videogames?” and was developed by academics from the UK, China, and Australia. The test is designed to measure participants’ gaming activity and compare it to that of the general population, in order to determine their risk for Gaming Disorder.

After completing the 20 minute test, participants will be given a score out of 20, whereby a five or more indicates higher risk for Gaming Disorder. They will also receive a breakdown of various “motivations” they may have for gaming, such as competition or social.

According to Lead Researcher Dr Bruno Schivinski, a secondary aim of the survey is to examine how factors such as socioeconomic status , personality and motivation influence the development of Gaming Disorder. It is Schivinski’s hope that more and more people will participate in their research, so that they can better understand where the line between normal and problematic gaming should be drawn.

“We want to understand the point at which gaming becomes a health problem, and which factors contribute to the development of gaming disorders, exploring sociodemographic variables, personality and motivations. We hope there will be thousands of participants in the next phase of the study.”

If you are interested in taking the test for yourself, you can find it here. You can also read more about the WHO’s classification in our previous articles here.

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