Aeolis Tournament Kickstarter Begins Today

Aeolis Tournament Kickstarter Begins Today

Beyond Fun Studio has kicked off the Kickstarter campaign to fund Aeolis Tournament, a party game for Nintendo Switch.

The game is expected to be released on Nintendo Switch in April/May 2020. Beyond Fun Studio is hoping to raise CAD20,000 by February 2020.

Details and Kickstarter here.

Beyond Fun Studio announces today the launch of their Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming game Aeolis Tournament. The campaign will last a month, finishing on February 13th. By participating, backers will be able to get the game for a reduced price and depending on the pledge level, unlock exclusive access to the beta version as soon as the Kickstarter campaign ends.

On top of a reduced price, the Kickstarter campaign participants will have the chance to be actively involved in the development of the game by providing feedback and ideas for new game modes. Also, and as per usual, a great number of unique rewards will complete the incentive to pledge some hard earned money for this amazing project like a digital artbook, the digital soundtrack, an exclusive in-game accessory, a mention in the game credits, a beautiful t-shirt, collectible pins and stickers as well as a signed piece of artwork depending on the pledge level.