AeternoBlade II Heads To Switch This Fall

AeternoBlade II Heads To Switch This Fall

PQube and Corcell Technology have announced the launch window for action and puzzle platformer AeternoBlade II.

AeternoBlade II is scheduled to launch Fall 2019 for Nintendo Switch. No word on a pricing and physical release at this time.

Check out the trailer and details:

PQube and developer Corecell Technologyare excited to announce AeternoBlade II, a brand-new action/puzzle platformer for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! Dynamic and versatile time-bending mechanics give a fresh spin to the fast-paced combat and ingenious puzzles, making AeternoBlade II a game to set your watch for this Autumn!

Harness the AeternoBlade and play as three unique characters, including returning heroine Freyja and newcomers Felix and Bernard. Each equipped with an individual set of skills, they journey across dimensions in a desperate struggle against the destruction of the Dark Abyss. The power of the AeternoBlade must be returned or reality, as they know it, will face total collapse.
Darkness is closing in: defy the Abyss with Freyja and her new allies!
Cool monster designs and massive bosses make every new area exciting!
The gameplay of AeternoBlade II is pure poetry that puts puzzle-platforming elements and dynamic combat in perfect sync. Engaging jump’n’run and puzzle passages seamlessly transition into action-packed battles that let you push the game’s visually striking combo system to its limits. Combining both components by using launched enemies as mid-air stepstones to access new areas and much more will challenge your creativity in completely new ways this Autumn!
Use the power to control time wisely to solve tricky puzzles!
New and dynamic 3D battles add even more variety to the classic side-scroller!