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sq, hms, 1c, xq, qd9, w, 8qp, w, bjm, 1b, od6, e, 1, yv, 5so, hxk, 4v7, 3, All Star Collection Galar Starter Plushies And Morpeko Mascot Keyrings Up For Pre-Order | NintendoSoup
All Star Collection Galar Starter Plushies And Morpeko Mascot Keyrings Up For Pre-Order

All Star Collection Galar Starter Plushies And Morpeko Mascot Keyrings Up For Pre-Order

Been excited to grab Sanei Boeki’s upcoming line-up of All Star Collection Pokemon plushies? Well, now’s your chance!

Amazon Japan has opened pre-orders for the All Star Collection Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble plushies – in addition to two mascot keyrings for Morpeko. All of them will be shipping out worldwide starting from 25 April 2020, so long as the seller is listed as Amazon.co.jp.

You can pre-order them at the links below:

For now, the Wooloo and Alcremie plushies from Sanei Boeki are not available. We’ll report back when we hear more.