Amazon US Dispatches SNES Classic Edition Pre-Orders Without An AC Adapter

Amazon US Dispatches SNES Classic Edition Pre-Orders Without An AC Adapter

We have a piece of disturbing news to share regarding Amazon US’s pre-orders for the SNES Classic Edition.

Recently Amazon fulfilled several pre-orders for the SNES Classic Edition that were made way back before launch. Some of these pre-orders have recently reached the hands of customers, and some of them are reporting that the SNES Classic Edition they have received doesn’t come with an AC adapter, though the USB cable is still present.

Upon further investigation, it’s discovered that the SNES Classic Edition units Amazon has dispatched have a label on the bottom of the box that states it is “distributed by Active Boeki K.K.”. Active Boeki is the official Nintendo distributor in Southeast Asia and Middle East, so it’s unclear how and why Amazon is distributing these Asian/Middle East sets in the United States.

Photo taken by Facebook user Nueno Meisuke

According to our contacts in Southeast Asia, the label that is pasted on the bottom of the box is used to signify that the set is distributed by Active Boeki, so the distributor is able to correctly identify it for warranty purposes. In fact, besides the Asian version missing an AC adapter, our sources confirm it’s also missing the poster that displays all 21 games on the SNES Classic Edition.

Three big questions remain unanswered. First, will Nintendo of America honor the warranty for these Active Boeki distributed SNES Classic units, since they are technically speaking, not distributed by Nintendo of America? Second, how did Amazon US procure these units that were meant for sale in another region? Were they through Active Boeki or Nintendo of America themselves?

The most important question of all lies with the consumers – will they request an exchange from Amazon? Since the SNES Classic Edition is advertised as having an AC adapter and special poster in North America, this would mean they have received less than what they have paid for.

We’ve reached out to Nintendo of America and Active Boeki on this story.

6 thoughts on “Amazon US Dispatches SNES Classic Edition Pre-Orders Without An AC Adapter

    1. Yes that’s right. The European and Japanese versions do not come with any AC adapter and poster, neither does the Active Boeki version or Hong Kong version of the SNES Classic Edition.

    1. The USB cable is able to power it. The bigger issue with the Active Boeki set lies in its warranty and collection value. One of our readers contacted Nintendo of America CS and told them the serial code of their “distributed by Active Boeki” SNES Classic Edition. Turns out the serial code wasn’t in the system at all, which means if anything happens NOA wouldn’t be able to repair it for free (within 1 year).

      Collectors probably wouldn’t want to collect a “distributed by Active Boeki” set either, since it’s not only missing the AC adapter but the poster too. In other words the value of the Active Boeki version is worthless as compared to the original US version.

    1. Not all tvs have this ability, snes classic needs 1.5 amps, my sansung smart tv have 2 usb ports and none supply 1.5 amps… I tried and didnt work.

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