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7, e2v, kg, eo, Animal Crossing: New Horizons Will Have Limited Support For The Sanrio amiibo Cards | NintendoSoup
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Will Have Limited Support For The Sanrio amiibo Cards

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Will Have Limited Support For The Sanrio amiibo Cards

We have unfortunate news for anyone hoping to use their amiibo cards to invite the Sanrio collaboration villagers to their island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Earlier today, Nintendo revealed that amiibo cards would still be compatible with the upcoming game. However, a compatibility table on the official Japanese website now confirms that some cards will have limited functionality. Chief among these are the Sanrio collaboration cards, which do not even invite villagers at all, but now only reward the player with a poster of the villager.

Here’s the compatibility table below, roughly translated:

Compatible amiiboPosterPhoto StudioInvite to Campground

Animal Crossing amiibo cards
(Series 1 – 4)


Animal Crossing
Welcome amiibo cards

Animal Crossing
Welcome amiibo cards
(Sanrio collaboration)


Animal Crossing series amiibo (all 16)


Villager amiibo (Super Smash Bros.)


Isabelle amiibo (Super Smash Bros.)


(※1) Some special animals will be supported sequentially
(※2) Only general animals emigrating to the island can be invited

In case you missed out on the them, the Sanrio amiibo cards originally allowed players to invite special villagers based on Hello Kitty (and her Sanrio friends) to their town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS). These villagers even boasted special Sanrio furniture – so it’s a huge shame that players won’t be able to meet them through these cards.

Of course, that doesn’t rule out the characters possibly returning in some other form. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens in the future.