Antonball Deluxe Launches September 28th For Switch

Antonball Deluxe Launches September 28th For Switch

Publisher Proponent Games and developer Summitsphere have announced the release date for Antonball Deluxe on Switch.

The breakout puzzle platformer will be launching on September 28th for Switch, and will include the base games Antonball, Punchball, and VS. Antonball, as well as the “BETTER THAN NOTHING” and “FIXED GOLD EVIL BABY PAUL (SHINY)” DLC that was released for the PC version.

You can check out the original release date trailer below, along with additional details via Proponent Games:

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Featuring three games in one, a dazzling retro aesthetic, and some of the tightest platforming ever seen in a game of its type, Antonball Deluxe is a high-octane smorgasbord of brickbreaking, molemashing, ballbusting action.

ANTONBALL – An enhanced low-definition remake of Summitsphere’s legendary game jam title! After a long night on the town, Anton, Boiler City’s resident exterminator and overconsumer of fizzy libation, is struggling to find his way back home from Brulo’s Casino. Using his trusty Antonball, Anton decides to take the most direct path home after an unfortunate trip into the sewers: breaking straight through every single wall between the sewers and the city he calls home in 30 stages of brick-smashing fun!

PUNCHBALL – The tale of Anton’s building-mate Annie, and her indefatigable need to be the absolute best. When Annie discovers the Punchball Tourney being held at Brulo’s Casino, with the grand prize being a lifetime supply of Ballble Tea, she sets out to win first place! Players will need to help her defeat all of the trickster beasts that have volunteered to take part in Brulo’s wild game. Players will use the Punchball to slam enemies, then kick ’em off the stage in the quest to be the next great Punchball Champion!

VS. ANTONBALL – Antonball but competitive! Each team has their own brick wall and aims to break the other team’s wall first. Defeat the other team by destroying their wall! Play 1v1, 2v2, or even 2v1! Many power-ups are in play, with some twists and turns depending on which arena players are having their ball-based blitz in!

  • Brickbreaking, ballbusting gameplay with a platforming twist!
  • Three games in one: Antonball Arcade, Punch Ball Antonball, and VS. Antonball!
  • 69 levels of hardcore ballbusting action!
  • 21 eccentric characters to unlock and play as!
  • Couch co-op multiplayer for up to four players

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