Arcade Love: Plus Pengo! Announced For Switch In Japan, Arrives August 22nd

Arcade Love: Plus Pengo! Announced For Switch In Japan, Arrives August 22nd

Publisher Mebius and developer Triangle Service revealed today that Arcade Love: Plus Pengo! will soon be landing on Switch in Japan!

Arcade Love: Plus Pengo!, a collection of arcade games, is a console port of the game Arcade Love originally released in 2012 and was ported to PC in 2018. The Switch version will include Pengo, hence the title.

The game will both be available in digital and retail formats for 5,800 yen.

Check out the screenshots and game details below:

Action-Game Skill Test

Just beat enemies one after another, control joystick fast to run fast, play Whack-A-Mole, or play ding dong ditch. Action-Game Skill Test is an action game including such mini games with humor, and measures your action-game skills as a gamer age.

It is an action-game edition of one of our arcade games, Shmups Skill Test, which was released in 2007 and well-reputed.

Shmups Skill Test

Shmups Skill Test was originally included in an arcade game Shooting Love. 2007and attracted a wide range of game players. The first-ever, exciting feature was that you can measure gamers age. While preserving the original feature, Shmups Skill Test is now upgraded to play up to four players, even on horizontal screen.

To measure your gameplaying skill as gamers age, you play various mini games, such as: just defeat enemies one after another; just dodge enemy bullets and put shoot empty cans into the trash.


The first-ever, local multi-player shooting game on multi windows! CombatZeal is a shoot’em up game that focuses on score attack on the divided screen into the same number as the players’. The stages vary in play style; a stage for undemanding score attack, a stage where all the enemies in your screen will disappear if you cannot shoot out the enemies faster than other players, and a stage you can obstruct the other players by powering up.

You can casually experience game-playing, which you enjoyed in game comics before while not playing before. Thus CombatZeal is a combat shmups like never before.


An enhanced version of the action puzzle game released by Sega for arcades. Players progress while crushing enemies with ice blocks. In addition to the one-player arcade mode, single matches and team matches (two players per team) that support up to eight players at once are also available.