Arcade Puzzle-Maze Game ‘Pig Eat Ball’ Headed To Switch On October 18

Arcade Puzzle-Maze Game ‘Pig Eat Ball’ Headed To Switch On October 18

Developer Mommy’s Best Games have revealed that its top-down, action-adventure game Pig Eat Ball is Switchbound this coming October.

The game is slated for release on the hybrid platform on 18th October 2019. In Pig Eat Ball, players can explore giant space stations to find different Disguises, using their Pros and Cons, to fight and solve over 200 action-puzzle levels using new, arcade-style mechanics.

Check out the previous announcement trailer and game details below:

Eat, Fight, Solve, and BARF your way through 100’s of action-packed levels in this COLOSSAL world of arcade-adventure heaven! Eat all the balls in a level to win, but you get FATTER WHILE YOU EAT. If you get so fat you get stuck, you’ll have to barf to squeeze through! Enjoy hours of hand-crafted chaotic SINGLE-PLAYER action with just a dash of PUZZLEY trickiness!


King Cake, the dessert-headed monarch, has decided it’s time for his daughter to get married, but she other plans!

The King has devised “The Royal Games” in which the winner will marry Princess Bow. Since she can’t talk her father out of it, Bow decides to put on a disguise and enter the competition herself. Along the way, she discovers a nefarious plot that threatens all life aboard the Space Station Kingdom.

Can she get to the bottom of things before it’s too late… and win the Royal Games at the same time?

Key Features

  • Twisted arcade gameplay – Get bigger as you eat and barf to squeeze down to size.
  • Explore intricate worlds – Travel to five completely unique areas.
  • Hand-crafted challenge – Non-procedural levels.
  • Massive bosses – Use your brain, your skills, and your mouth to beat nearly a dozen of them.
  • Incredible soundtrack – Rock, Paper, Shotgun says “I will brook no argument on Pig Eat Ball’s soundtrack–it whips.”
  • One-of-a kind powerups – Dozens of disguises with special abilities.
  • Open-ended antics – Barf on them, bump them, torch them, or knock them into open space.
  • Hours of adventure – The main story is eight-to-12 hours alone, but you’ll have to complete the challenge section too.
  • Wild characters – Speak with tens of aliens in your journey.
  • Manic multiplayer mayhem – Play with up to four fellows in multiplayer local mode.
  • Online leaderboards – Each action level lets you compete for the fastest time with the world.
  • Online level sharing – Craft your own stages and share them with your friends or the world.