Armored Mewtwo Is Exclusive To Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution

Armored Mewtwo Is Exclusive To Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution

For months fans have been speculating that Armored Mewtwo would be the herald to a brand new game mechanic for Pokemon Sword and Shield. However, according to the latest issue of Corocoro, this theory might have just been debunked.

While official scans have not been shared online yet, early translations of Corocoro’s feature on Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution state that the new design of Armored Mewtwo “can only be seen in the movie”, although it will still be expected to appear in merchandise and such.

While this does not outright refute the rumors of an “Armored Evolution” feature in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Armored Mewtwo being exclusive to the movie does put a dent in one of the rumor’s biggest supporting arguments. With Detective Pikachu taking up most of the spotlight this month, its highly likely that we will only be receiving new information on the Gen 8 mainline titles next month at earliest. We will be sure to keep an eye out for more news, and bring updates as they come.

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