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0, t3e, e6, n, c2o, 2b, qx, yak, j, pcb, 9qe, 1ad, 2hx, Ash's Pikachu Acquires A New Form In The Latest Episode Of The Anime | NintendoSoup
Ash’s Pikachu Acquires A New Form In The Latest Episode Of The Anime

Ash’s Pikachu Acquires A New Form In The Latest Episode Of The Anime

The latest episode of the Pocket Monsters anime has aired in Japan, revealing a brand new form of its most iconic Pokemon.

As the contents of the episode could be considered a spoiler, we have included all the details after the spoiler image below:

As foreshadowed in the previous episode’s preview, Ash’s Pikachu Gigantamaxes in the latest episode of the Pokemon Anime, granting it access to Pikachu’s impressive Gigantamax form. You can check out some clips and screenshots of the moment below:

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