Aspyr Says KOTOR II DLC Cancellation Was Due To “Third Party Objection”

Aspyr Says KOTOR II DLC Cancellation Was Due To “Third Party Objection”

A few months back, developer Aspyr and publisher Saber Interactive announced they would be cancelling the highly anticipated Restored Content DLC for the Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, which led to widespread outcry from fans and even a class-action lawsuit.

Due to the aforementioned lawsuit however, we now have a little bit of insight as to why the DLC might have been cancelled. As reported by Axios, Aspyr attempted to get the lawsuit dismissed in a court filing, in which co-CEO Ted Saloch mentioned that the developer fully intended to release the DLC, but was stopped due to an objection from a “third party”.

“Aspyr believed it would be able to release the content, but a third party objected and Aspyr was unable to do so.”

At the time of this writing, the identity of the third-party is not known. One’s first instinct might be to point at the developers of the original mod which the Restored Content DLC was based on. However, mod creator Zbyl2 reportedly denied this claim, stating that Aspyr did “absolutely nothing wrong”, meaning it is unlikely that the original mod team had any issue with the handling of the DLC.

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