Atooi Shares Update On Chicken Wiggle Workshop & Treasurenauts, Teases New Releases In 2019

Atooi Shares Update On Chicken Wiggle Workshop & Treasurenauts, Teases New Releases In 2019

Jools Watsham, founder of the independent studio Atooi, recently shared some updates on its projects in 2019.

In particular, development of Chicken Wiggle Worshop and Treasurenauts are still chugging along decently – with both games hopefully seeing a 2019 release. Additionally, the founder teased that Atooi has one physical release coming soon, along with another brand new title in the works.

You can read about it yourself in verbatim, from an excerpt of Watsham’s blog below:

Chicken Wiggle Workshop is looking fantastic! Michael’s new artwork for the game is amazing, and the new music that Perry and Grant have created for the updated soundtrack is incredible. Playing the game now feels like a new experience. It’s so exciting. And that’s not all we have planned for the game! This is why development is taking longer than originally estimated. I want the Switch release of Chicken Wiggle Workshop to be nothing short of perfect. And it will be! More news on what new goodies we’re adding to the game soon! I think you’ll agree that it was worth the wait when that magical day is finally here. Thank you for your patience.

Treasurenauts is making progress – slow, but steady. Even though I am not sure if we’ll have the game finished for release in 2019, I am confident that we will make great progress this year. When this game is eventually ready for release, it will be fabulous. I have no doubt.

Other things in store for 2019 is at least one physical Switch release and one new little gem of a game. More news on all that when I have firm details to share. Oh, and on that note, I will be sending out press releases in the foreseeable future for all Atooi news announcements.

It looks like Atooi is going to have a busy 2019! We’ll be reporting back on all of these projects when we hear more about them.