Azur Lane: Crosswave For Switch Launches 16 February 2021 In North America, 19 February 2021 In Europe

Azur Lane: Crosswave For Switch Launches 16 February 2021 In North America, 19 February 2021 In Europe

Nintendo fans can now mark their calendars for the launch of Azur Lane: Crosswave on Nintendo Switch next year!

Idea Factory International  (IFI) has confirmed more specific release dates for the upcoming 3D action shooter game for Nintendo Switch. Namely, the title will be hitting North America on 16 February 2021, and launching in Europe on 19 February 2021. As reported previously, a physical release is also in the works.

The publisher also shared more details about the the DLC already included within the Switch version, plus more information on various Sakura Empire support characters. Check it out below:

New features of the Nintendo Switch version include:​

  • Taihou and Formidable, formerly DLC for the PS4/Steam version, are included as playable characters! Both come with 3 support characters each and additional story content.
  • An updated Photo Mode: You can now pose up to 6 characters instead of 3 for more photo shoot fun! Get creative with new extended camera angles.

About the Sakura Empire + Full-Time Secretary/Battle Support Ships:

The nation of islands of heavy cherry blossoms located to the east.
The Sakura Empire nation believe in the existence of Yaoyorozu-no-Kami, and the miko who the gods are entrusted to make the core of the nation’s authority.

The Sakura Empire, who created their own unique culture compared to other nations, excel at using the East’s mystery as power for their combat technology. An example of this is their fighting style of embodying Mizuho’s Mystery, such as divination and communication with the dead.

The Eastern miracle Mizuho’s Mystery also appears in the physical characteristics of the Sakura Empire’s citizens.

  • Secretary Ship: Appears on main menus when not engaged in battle. Secretary Ship can be a playable character or support character. Having a ship as your secretary can lead to some interesting events to happen!
  • Support: Can be selected to assist in battle. When certain conditions are met, support characters can perform different support skills such as attacks, buffs, and heals. Playable characters can also be deployed as support characters, lending a different set of skills than if they were controlled.


A repair ship who displays cat-like features, such as playing with cat toys. Sometimes, many doubt themselves as to whether Akashi really is a cat. Despite her unique personality, she is the best mechanic Sakura Empire has to offer, and she provides technical support with her many interesting inventions. She also has a taste for money, and this talent shines through her business skills (which often blur the line of whether she’s working for the Sakura Empire or herself). She is assisting the Joint Military Exercise as their announcer this time around.

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