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c, m, bh, 5b, l4, aq, Bandai Is Bringing Miniature Splatoon 2 Toys With Candy To Japan | NintendoSoup
Bandai Is Bringing Miniature Splatoon 2 Toys With Candy To Japan

Bandai Is Bringing Miniature Splatoon 2 Toys With Candy To Japan

It seems the best way to sell candy these days is by packing them together with small toy figures and keychains. We’ve seen Re-ment doing it with Pokemon, and now Bandai is back at the game with Splatoon 2.

The first collection Bandai is releasing is the Splatoon 2 Brand Logo Keychain Collection, featuring logos from Splatoon 2’s fictional clothing brands. Each keychain comes with a squid and a logo representing one of the fashion companies.

The collection releases on September 5, 2017. Grab the complete box from Amazon Japan here (international shipping).

Next up, Bandai has prepared the Splatoon 2 Weapon Collection, featuring miniature toy figures of various weapons that appear in Splatoon 2. Each weapon comes with its own stand so you can line them up in a display case.

The weapon collection releases on December 4, 2017. Grab the complete box from Amazon Japan here (international shipping).