Bethesda Announces Official DOOM Vodka, Made With Actual Bones

Bethesda Announces Official DOOM Vodka, Made With Actual Bones

Want to get even more hardcore before the launch of DOOM Eternal on Nintendo Switch?

Bethesda has revealed that it will be selling official DOOM bone vodka, as part of a new partnership with Rebel Distilleries. The bottle includes extract that is actually distilled from real livestock bones – for a simulated experience of alcohol from the fiery depths!

Check out more details about the devilish concoction below. If you live in the US, EU or Australia, you can pre-order a bottle over here.

DOOM is a world of flames and demons, a barbecue pit of action. This world first vodka, using bones sourced from world famous butchers ‘The Ginger Pig’.

Matt McGivern of Rebel Distillers says, “We’re tapping into one of the world’s favorite hobbies, video games, to offer a unique perspective in spirit production. DOOM Eternal is a world of flames and demons, a barbeque pit with action – a smoked bone vodka is certainly a new take on spirit provenance.”

“We’re also excited to partner up with The Ginger Pig,” McGivern said. “They’re one of the best butchers in the country where animal welfare is unparalleled, and a product often wasted can be put to good use. We’ll be making a limited amount of the product in the lead up to the game’s launch in November.

The vodka itself is an organic wheat base. Once the bones have been roasted and smoked, the marrow is extracted and macerated in neutral grain alcohol. To extract the best flavour and the clearest spirit, it’s distilled at a very low temperature in a vacuum still to collect the essence of what makes this flavour a delicacy.

If Hell created vodka….

How do you drink? However you damn well like, but to luge it ice cold through a bone always impresses.

Limited edition Bone Vodka made with only the finest ingredients. Please note these are able to be shipped to UK, EU and AUS.