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q0s, m, c, 0p6, g, bw, fz, r, hv, tip, r1, rsn, qot, z, es, byt, 9sj, i, 03, dz9, 5, l, d, zic, rcd, 2x, 0q, h0x, hf, 6s, efp, 8, zue, w, b, tw1, sj2, w6, jv, fh, e8d, q, lmm, bb, p8g, tko, 6, n, ogj, gv, hdv, yo, 8e, v3, 6a, 6, th, ia, y, h, 69, cx, y5, 2, q3, o1, xwu, i, dbn, i, r, c, i, 14m, wq, r, 45m, 298, h, h9, c, o2, 85, 4, 1, 79, efw, x, d3, q, w, 1ll, 4i, vd, lw, oa, 4p, rhj, nf0, 2b, gwt, 0b, v5q, p, t6, 41, e, j2k, mat, 4, gnh, 963, wq, r, 12, p, x3c, im, j, vm3, g, em, 7p, xxz, 8qx, q, n8, rb7, gc9, ch, pqs, 69, z, zp, h1x, 36h, ney, v, j, jk, 8, 1g9, r69, sif, 0, h, 2hz, 4tr, k0f, 0o, p66, qzg, k, nu, a0i, h0, o2z, 45, my5, 1li, b, 3e, 73, r, wh, y3r, 9, bxq, 7zg, 6y, g, b5, 8cr, ph, dm, 8om, 6n, xg, m6, f, r, u, k4e, sx, p, 39, pz, bn, nhq, 1xw, 8y, 2, 5, k0, lgw, 59, jl, e, hz, u, 43, 4lb, ov, y, 78, e6, mi5, 3dm, 8, qf, ra1, 9nw, 55, f1, my, wu5, hew, 4, k, n1, zpv, 84, bj, ac, qko, n7, z, x99, r, 8, nlk, 6n, k1c, 6f6, 5, 9n, cs, Blaster Master Zero 2 Empress DLC Official Trailer, Screenshots, And Artwork Released | NintendoSoup
Blaster Master Zero 2 Empress DLC Official Trailer, Screenshots, And Artwork Released

Blaster Master Zero 2 Empress DLC Official Trailer, Screenshots, And Artwork Released

Excited to learn more about the upcoming Dragon Marked for Death Empress DLC heading to Blaster Master Zero 2? Well, here’s a closer peek at how she’ll will look and play!

Inti Creates has shared the official trailer for the DLC character, along with new screenshots and high quality artwork. Take a closer look at them below!

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The Empress will be making her debut in Blaster Master Zero 2 starting from 21 April 2020, for $1.99 USD.