Blather ‘Round Revealed For The Jackbox Party Pack 7

Blather ‘Round Revealed For The Jackbox Party Pack 7

Earlier this year, Jackbox Games revealed that The Jackbox Party Pack 7 was heading to Switch, along with some of its included games. Well, we now have new information about the next game of the bundle that your friends and family will be messing around with!

The developer has revealed the fifth and final game of the collection – titled Blather ‘Round. The word-based guessing competition sees a presenter attempting to get participants to guess certain phrases or objects with extremely limited clues, and the fastest to guess will rack up a huge score!

Check out the trailer and a quick synopsis below:

You know that movie where the girl does that thing? And the guy is like “what!” and he has brown hair and he dies?
Okay fine, but do you know that feeling where you’re trying to describe something and you can’t find the right words?

We turned that feeling into a game!

Introducing the final game in Party Pack 7… Blather ‘Round!

Blather ‘Round is pop culture meets creativity meets grammar meets… jazz?

First, you pluck a prompt from a mini lineup of options (“grilled cheese” may rub shoulders with “Zendaya” and “Starbucks bathroom”). When it’s your turn to present, you build sentences to describe the prompt, but you have a very limited vocabulary! As time goes on, you have access to more complex, kooky, and descriptive words.

While you make sentences, everyone else submits guesses. You can incorporate your favorite guesses into some of the sentences. And it’s all happening in real time!

The faster someone guesses the answer correctly, the more points both you and the guesser will receive.

At the end of each turn, you can trade in your points for real cash! JUST KIDDING! We’re not doing that.

At the end of each turn, what you actually get is a snapshot of a funny, unexpected way of describing the world. Sometimes the end result feels like a haunting, beautiful poem. Sometimes it’s a baffling string of garbage. Either way, it’s a laugh!