BoxBoy! Has Turned Four Today

BoxBoy! Has Turned Four Today

Four years ago on January 15, HAL Labratory released a new 2D puzzle platformer called BoxBoy!,  a minimlistic game featuring cube shaped hero Qbby.

Since 2015, three BoxBoy! games have been released on Nintendo 3DS – BoxBoy!, BoxBoxBoy!, and Bye-Bye BoxBoy! An official Qbby amiibo was also released in Japan at the same time as Bye-Bye BoxBoy!, making it one of the rarest amiibo in the world as it was never released in North America and Europe.

Since the release of Bye-Bye BoxBoy!, the future of the franchise remains uncertain, but there are hints that Qbby may make a return someday.

Check out some of the pictures BoxBoy! fans have prepared for the fourth anniversary:

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