Cancelled Mega Man Star Force 4 Details And Artwork Reportedly Unearthed

Cancelled Mega Man Star Force 4 Details And Artwork Reportedly Unearthed

After 10 long years, it seems like Mega Man enthusiasts have dug up an exciting yet unfortunate discovery.

Long-time Nintendo fans may recall the Mega Man Star Force series on the DS – which succeeded the Mega Man Battle Network games on Game Boy Advance. The trilogy saw Geo Stellar teaming up with the alien Omega-Xis to fight off strange anomalies on Earth. After the third game, however, Capcom simply shuttered the series without another word…or so we thought.

Apparently, a fourth game was actually in the works from 2009-2010! But due to poor sales of Mega Man games in general back then, Capcom cancelled it half-way into development. Thanks to Rockman Corner and one of their reliable sources, we now have actual evidence of its existence – in the form of story details and one piece of concept art by the series’ designer Shinsuke Komaki! Check it out below.

According to Rockman Corner’s source, Mega Man Star Force 4 would have been more mature. The game’s story would have taken place after a time skip, where an older Geo Stellar crosses paths with the genius hacker Kazuma (the black-haired boy on the left). Kazuma was to be the direct descendant of Lan Hikari – the protagonist from Mega Man Battle Network.

The general premise of the game reportedly saw Geo Stellar and Kazuma on the run from the Satella Police. Both would have been branded outlaw hackers, with an 8,000,000 Zenny bounty on each of their heads! Of course, the main theme  and mechanics of the game would have been related to ‘hacking’ as well.

Sadly, these few bits of info seem to be all that’s left of the project presently. If there are any Mega Man Star Force fans remaining out there, you have our condolences.

For now, all we can do is imagine what could have been – one whole decade ago.

What do you think about this supposed find? Would you have loved a Mega Man Star Force 4 for real? Should Capcom revive the series? Let us hear your comments below.