Capcom Nearly Produced amiibo For Resident Evil

Capcom Nearly Produced amiibo For Resident Evil

Resident Evil Revelations just released not too long ago on the Nintendo Switch and in a recent aritcle by Famitsu and translated by Nintendo Everything, it would seem like they were initially more ambitious with the port.

Initially Capcom had plans to launch Resident Evil amiibo figures alongside their game’s launch on the Nintendo Switch. Being no strangers to producing amiibo figures themselves after producing the Monster Hunter Stories Series of amiibo, HUNK and Lady HUNK were at one point almost coming to life. Even 3D models of the amiibo figures were made.

However, things didn’t went to plan, and “various circumstances” cancelled the production plans.

It is really such a shame that Capcom will stop the development so close to production, maybe next time they can try their hands at it again. If you are interested you can head on down to Nintendo Everything here to read the full piece.

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